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Pericoronites And Operculites; Specific Infections

A “typical” pericoronitis is an infection and inflammation of the gum partially covering a tooth (often a wisdom tooth) that tries to pierce or that eruptes. Sometimes a small piece of skin (gum) called a “gill” covers the partially erupted tooth. The fact that a tooth is partially out of the gum creates a gateway for bacteria that can cause infection.

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Understand Your Toothache f

Understand Your Toothache

Frequent toothache or facial pain on awakening? It is a fairly common problem that can be rather disturbing. Of course, it is important to consult a health professional to determine the source of these persistent toothaches and facial pain. But already, some tracks can be considered.

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Importance of Orthodontics1

Importance of Orthodontics

Many people believe that the reason orthodontics is used is purely aesthetic. While in truth everyone likes to have a perfect smile, this is not the only motivation.

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