<b>What are Orthodontics?</b>
Most patients do not have perfectly straight teeth without the help of orthodontics. Orthodontic treatment uses a series of traditional or clear braces, palatal spreaders, lip and cheek bumpers, jaw splints and headgear to help perfect and realign your smile. These appliances can be helpful in correcting overcrowding, crookedness and even under and overbites. Children, teens and even adults can undergo orthodontic treatment when and if it is needed.

<b>Why are Orthodontics needed?</b>
Some of the most common reasons for needing orthodontic care is because your teeth are crowded or severely crooked. You may feel badly about the way that your smile looks, and you may find it difficult to properly floss and brush your teeth because of the way that they’re positioned. With a perfectly aligned smile, it’s easier to care for your teeth, preventing gingivitis and eventual gum disease. You are never too young or old to consider orthodontic treatment.

<b>Who is a good candidate for Orthodontic treatment?</b>
We begin all orthodontic treatment plans with a consultation. This allows us to get to know you or your child and decide what type of protocol is right for you. Some patients will need traditional braces with a variety of other appliances like palatal spreaders and headgear, while others can benefit from clear aligners. Most orthodontic treatments take about one to two years, but it’s not uncommon to need extensive work if you have severe overcrowding. The consultation appointment will involve x-rays, impressions and an examination.

<b>What happens during Orthodontic treatment?</b>
We will begin with x-rays, impressions and an examination. We then create a treatment plan that is right for you according to your dental needs. It is important that you continually come in for care when undergoing orthodontic treatment. If you fail to keep up with appointments, this simply prolongs treatment and keeps you in braces for a longer time than should be necessary. You will find that having orthodontic care not only improves your confidence, but helps in keeping your smile cleaner and brighter.

If you think you may need or benefit from orthodontic treatment, call our office today and we will be more than happy to further assist you.