<b>What is Pediatric Dentistry?</b>
Pediatric dentistry involves care specific to children and teens. We offer high-quality pediatric care in a calm, comfortable and kid-friendly manner. At all times, we use kid-friendly terminology and provide effective treatment options that are best for your child’s smile. Every child should be coming to see the dentist twice a year as part of their preventative care.

<b>Why is Pediatric Dentistry needed?</b>
Pediatric dentistry is slightly different from adult dentistry, since it is geared specifically to kids. We offer restorative, preventative and even cosmetic procedures that are perfect for your children and their smiles. We advise all parents and guardians to bring their children into the office once every six months. This allows us to monitor and check for any changes and provide treatment whenever it’s needed.

<b>Who is a good candidate for Pediatric Dentistry?</b>
Your child is often never too young or old for pediatric dentistry. In fact, it’s recommended that you first bring in your child when they start developing their first baby teeth. Your child should come into the office twice a year to monitor and check for any changes to their oral health. We can provide pediatric care until your child is a teenager and then provide adult dental care once they’ve grown up.

<b>What can you expect with a typical Pediatric Dental appointment?</b>
We start most pediatric appointments out with a cleaning and examination. The cleaning is performed by our hygienist who carefully removes any tartar and plaque from your child’s smile. Once this is done, we monitor and check gum health for signs of gingivitis. We then come in and perform an examination, checking for cavities and other issues that might affect their oral health. We can create a treatment plan as needed and will schedule appointments for them to come in and follow through with the work that they will require in our office.

If your child is in need of pediatric dental care, call us today and we will be able to schedule an appointment for them to come in.